What Is The Need To Have Digital Marketing Presence!

Businesses for a long time, have been operating and capturing the markets using the traditional format of marketing. People belonging to the old school of thinking still do not find a need to adopt the new, more innovative and advanced modes of marketing. Therefore, we need to understand why is the digital format of advertising important in today’s world.

With the internet being so readily available to all, there has been an inclination among the young generation to get technologically advanced and are adapting to new age trend of online-buying.  E-commerce companies have developed a complete marketing model based on this increased interest and have proved to be very successful with increasing market share. Therefore, to compete with this format of selling, businesses need to evolve in terms of their marketing strategies.

Importance and contribution of digital marketing

  1. Cost effective: Digital marketing options are much cheaper than other types of advertising like publishing in the newspaper, getting a commercial ad campaign, road shows, exhibitions etc. In fact, it is the fastest way of reaching the prospective customers.
  2. Appropriately places the business in front of prospective buyers: Since there are different forums and industry-specific portals on the net, it’s much easier to reach to your prospective buyers by marketing on these industry related platforms.
  3. Analysis of market share can be easily done: Through marketing automation software, all the different types of marketing tools are integrated, streamlined and automated. With this, one can closely analyze the performance of the marketing strategies and can get an overall view of the market share.
  4. Reaching to people through Mobile phones: In today’s lifestyle, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. With search engines having features of location trackers, once the digital presence and location have been optimized on web searchability, it may increase the chances for receiving queries from the customers faster.
  5. Inquiry and problem resolution become faster: Through digital marketing, the seller comes one step closer to the buyers virtually. In case of any complaint or inquiry, the customer can raise a complaint just on a click of a button through feedback section on the website and seller can provide the assistance comparatively faster. Hence it increases customer satisfaction and enhances the trustworthiness of the company.
  6. The conversion rate of prospective buyers to trusted customers is higher in digital marketing: Through search engine optimization, social media options like Facebook, linkedIn, YouTube businesses come closer to the prospective customers by educating them and clarifying their queries on a real-time basis. Hence the overall conversion rate of customers is higher in case of digital marketing.

To ensure best results of a digital marketing campaign, businesses should follow a systematic action plan which may include identifying the opportunity and choosing the most appropriate and fastest mode of digital marketing to reach them. Setting up benchmarks to analyze the ROI and then go ahead with implementing the plan in coordination with the overall marketing strategy of the company. As a whole, this mode of marketing gives the company the opportunity to get a reality check in terms of the services offered, satisfaction among the customers and understanding the unexplored niche markets.

Reach Your Business to The Masses with Digital Marketing

One of the biggest revolution which the mankind experience ever is the invention of the internet. It made our lives easier over the years and today has become a necessity rather than a choice. Staying in touch with your family and friends has become so convenient, and it has given us a platform to connect and interact with new people and businesses. This gave origin to the concept of digital marketing. As the term specify, it’s a form of promotion and marketing via search engines, emails, social media and mobile-based applications to reach your current and prospective customers.

In past decade, social media took over the world with a wave. Everyone take up these platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and WordPress to share their expressions, opinions, work and life moments. Apart from the traditional format of marketing using these options to advertise and increase the visibility of business have proved to be very successful and most effective. Hence more and more businesses are now adopting digital marketing as one of the major strategies for their growth plans.

Primarily to make your company visible, you need to have an attractive and explanative website. One can hire professional website designers or can use generalized deigning templates being offered online by various hosting companies. Many digital marketing companies also offer this service.

Various types of digital marketing activities which can be performed to increase online presence involve:

  1. Search Engine optimization- This process involves reworking content and technicalities of the website designed to enhance its searchability on various search engines. With your company been shown in first few results of any searched keyword, the chances of prospective customer viewing your website increases.
  2. Attracting attention through creative snackable content: Sought of an indirect marketing, this involves creating indulging, informative and concise write-up in the form of a blog or an article which impacts their decision-making and route them through to your website.
  3. Social media: Using social media options like Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn to promote your business by sharing related contents, which encourage people to share it further with their peers. This strategy also enhances trust of existing and prospective customers in your offering,
  4. Email Promotion: One of the traditional modes of digital marketing, emails are only effective, if there is a sense of trust, and has interesting contents like campaigns and visual displays which are descriptive and entertaining.
  5. Mobile Marketing: One of the handy devices owned by every human nowadays are smartphones. With high-speed net access in their phone, people tend to spend most of the time with their phones. Hence mobile marketing involving SMS, MMS, various apps reaching to the prospective customer becomes really easy.
  6. Paid Searches- These are the sponsored links which show on the sides or above of the web page when a keyword is searched. This Pay-Per-Click advertising has proved to be very effective and helpful for many organizations.

Whether new startups or established market leaders, digital marketing has become a need of the hour. It has proved to be the fastest, most effective and successful marketing technique.